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  • Skimcast can research a topic on the Internet and prepare annotated outlines and summaries of web pages related to your topic.

  • If you need to write a paper, enter your topic into Skimcast and Skimcast will help you do the research.
  • Each Skimcast query report contains an outline of the important topics discussed in the web pages that match your search query. These web pages are organized and summarized according to topic. The report is then delivered to you as a PDF file.

  • Since all of the sources with summaries and citations are presented in one document, they can be skimmed quickly and saved to your computer or mobile device for use anywhere (with or without further use of the Internet). You do not have to click on dozens or hundreds of links to find the information that you need.

This is a screenshot of a Skimcast query report. On the left there is an outline of important topics related to the query. Clicking on a topic displays the summaries for that topic. Important vocabulary words are highlighted for easy browsing.

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