About Bill

Bill Hollingsworth, our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, grew up in Commerce, Georgia. As a result of a rare medical condition he has had since birth, Bill is sight impaired and cannot read standard print.

When Bill began graduate school in Mathematics at the University of Georgia, the great number of highly technical journal articles and manuscripts that he needed to read for his research were not available on tape. Furthermore, statistical key word search technologies available at the time were not effective in allowing Bill to "skim" large documents for information relevant to his highly specialized areas of interest; those tools focused on key words and not context, and as such returned large amounts of irrelevant data.

In pursuit of a solution that would allow Bill to overcome this disadvantage, he was awarded a Gates Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge in 2002 from which he went on to receive an M.Phil. in Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. His research at Cambridge led to the development of a software technology that his professors at Cambridge told Bill was impossible to invent -- one which uses linguistics to simulate the skimming process.

After continued development, we believe that this software technology, now officially patented, is as advanced as any electronic search tool currently available worldwide, if not more so.

In essence, the more it reads, the more it learns. It simulates the skimming process of a skilled reader automatically in a format that is accessible for digital content, profoundly advancing how digital text can be processed and effectively read by a computer.

Bill has found Skimcast to be very helpful. We think you will as well.